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Sacramento Dent Removal is Sacramento, CA’s premier paintless dent repair service provider! We specialize in auto hail damage repairs whether you have one small ding or many. We have the experience and technology to restore your vehicle to its condition before the storm. Our process doesn’t involve any sanding or painting. As the most efficient way to repair your vehicle, it’s only a fraction of the cost of traditional auto body repairs.

If your vehicle suffered damage due to a hail storm, give our certified dent repair technicians a call. Our highly trained technicians provide mobile service so we come to you to provide convenient repair work. We will walk you through the entire process, from estimates to insurance claims. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Call 916-752-1132 for more information or for a free quote!

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

As the name implies, paintless dent repair does not utilize paint, buffers or other compounds that cover dents. This efficient modern process actually eliminates dents in your exterior instead of covering them. By targeting pressure points around the dent, the metal panel returns to its normal shape and the dent disappears as if it never happened. By using this cutting-edge technique, our repairs are less noticeable, less expensive and take less time than other bodywork. In addition, the original factory finish and color of your car is untouched by mismatched paint or coverings.

Mobile Service

Our mobile dent repair specialists can work on location while you wait or while you work.

No Paint Damage

Our specialized dent-removal process doesn’t damage the finish so the need for paint or fillers is eliminated.


Low-impact paintless dent repair techniques eliminate the need for toxic chemicals or procedures.


With no damage to factory paint or clear-coat, there is no risk of incorrect color matching.


Why spend more at a body shop? Our services are a great option for owners or leased vehicles.


With paintless dent repair, there is no need to file a claim. Keep your insurance bonuses!

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